Adult christmas onesies

A very fond childhood memory of mine is spending entire days in my pajamas during Christmas vacation. Wearing a onesie – especially one with a wintery print on it – can bring back that feeling of holiday fun. Some models are footed and hooded, so that almost every inch of you is covered up in comfy fabric. Also look for models that feature a “drop seat”, so that you can use the bathroom without having to remove your onesie.

Here are two examples that look comfy and Christmass-ey, but I’m not sure I like the footed models for grown men:
adult christmas onesies
Adult Christmas onesies pictured:
Left: Footed Pajamas Holly Jolly Christmas Adult Hoodie One Piece
Right: Footed Pajamas White Christmas Adult Cotton

The patterns that are printed on Christmas themed onesies feature the familiar designs of the Holiday season: snowflakes, xmas trees, snowmen, ornaments, sleighs, etc… They also feature the standard colors associated with the holiday: red, green and white. Of course, Christmas-themed garments are meant to be worn during the holidays, and then put away until next year. But if the patterns on them are more about winter than Christmas, you can keep wearing them until spring. Patterns with polar bears, penguins, snowflakes, igloos, and so on. These garments are all about comfort, so look for soft fabrics that will feel good against your skin. Fleece is a personal favorite, because it is so soft and warm. But you will have even more options when picking a onesie. First, whether your onesie is footed or not. Some people prefer models that leave their feet uncovered

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