Adult one piece pajama

You may think of one-piece pajamas as the kind of thing children might wear, but they are in fact gaining popularity with adults. It’s easy to see why: Onesies are now available in far more colors and styles than the traditional red or white union suits of years ago. There are also hooded models and footed models, all made to make you feel as comfy as possible.

Three examples I like:
adult one piece pajama
Adult one piece pajamas pictured:
Left: Footed Pajamas Marina Navy Adult Hoodie One Piece
Middle: Carhartt Men’s Midweight Cotton Union Suit
Right: Funzee Non Footed Pajamas, One Piece Pajama Set, Leopard Spot Print, Size XS

Pajamas should be warm and comfortable, so look for a fabric that is thick and soft. Cotton or fleece are two favorites because of their soft texture. As for fit, this is the kind of garment that shouldn’t fit too tightly. You want something a bit loose to feel free and unencumbered. After all, these are garments you want to lounge around in. Some one-piece pajamas have buttons while other have zippers. Whatever you choose, make sure that the fasteners don’t interfere with your comfort. If the onesie has a buttoned butt-flap, make sure you don’t end up sitting on the buttons.

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