Athletic underwear for men

What is athletic underwear and why would it be any better to wear than regular briefs or boxers? Because they are designed especially for those with an active lifestyle. They are called “athletic”, but this really doesn’t mean that they are strictly worn when you are playing sports. The cut is such that the briefs are less likely to bunch up (a curved shape over the leg), and they may be made of stretchy fabric, which allows for more freedom of movement.

If you like your underwear basic, like I do, these could fit the bill:
athletic underwear for men
Athletic underwear for men pictured:
Left: adidas Men’s Athletic Stretch 2-Pack Sport Brief, black/black
Right: adidas Men’s Athletic Comfort 3-Pack Low Rise Brief, white

They may also be made of moisture-wicking fabric. The idea is that the fabric wicks away sweat.

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