Bathroom Cabinet Hamper

If you don’t like the look of a regular hamper, you could get yourself a cabinet that has a hamper integrated in it. This can mean a larger unit that has shelves and door along with the area that houses the hamper, or it could mean a smaller unit that only has the one compartment. In either case, the hamper is hidden and they look great in a bathroom, bedroom or laundry room.

Here are two examples – I like how practical the one on the right looks:
bathroom cabinet hamper
Bathroom cabinet hampers pictured:
Left: Hampton Bay Tilt out Hamper by Home Decorators Collection, single 17″W
Right: 4D Concepts Bathroom Tower with Pull-Out Hamper, Size: 25W x 12.6D x 71.1H inches

Of course, if you pick this type of hamper, you have to expect to pay more than you would for a simple, regular hamper. This is a piece of furniture. Some of these cabinets have a bag mounted on the inside. This means that when comes time to do the laundry, you simply have to pull the full bag out, empty it in the washer and put the empty bag back in. This is handy, but not absolutely necessary if you are willing to put more work into getting the clothes out of the hamper. If the cabinet is not fitted with a bag-holding frame, you will need to bend down and grab the dirty clothes, and then load them into a basket or a bag.

Two more versions – the one on the right is quite nice, I think:
Bathroom cabinet hamper - b
Bathroom hamper cabinets pictured:
Left: Ameriwood Unit with Hamper Cabinet
Right: Spa Bath Tower with Tilting Hamper (Light Walnut) (66.25″H x 17″W x 14.5″D) by Proman Products

Of course, if there are already some built-in cabinets in your bathroom, you could have a hamper put in by a carpenter. The advantage with this scenario is that you know it will fit perfectly within the cabinet. The disadvantage may be the cost. It may be an expensive proposition, depending on the cost of labor. With a floor-standing model, you can change the placement of the hamper within the room, or into a different one altogether. Any type of stand-alone cabinet may need some assembly. They are usually fairly straight-forward to put together.

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