Bathroom Corner Storage Cabinets

Since bathrooms are often very small and cramped, it can sometimes be useful to have a piece of furniture that is designed to make optimal use of the little amount of space available. This is the case with corner cabinets.  Designed to fit in a corner, (obviously), the drawers and cabinet doors may be easier to reach, open and close, and they may – depending on the design of your bathroom – end up taking less floor space than conventional storage cabinets.

Four example below – All 4 of these are made to be placed in a corner, but notice how different their styles are. I like the Ellsworth model because It is less imposing, which I think is important when it comes to bathroom furniture:
bathroom corner storage cabinets - 2
Bathroom corner storage cabinets pictured:
1-Ellsworth Tall Corner Etagere – White by RiverRidge
2-Fuji Corner Linen Storage Cabinet by Home Decorators Collection
3-Hampton Bay Corner Linen Storage Cabinet I by Home Decorators Collection
4-Chelsea Corner Linen Storage Cabinet I by Home Decorators Collection, ivory

Another interesting aspect of corner furniture is simply aesthetic. In the case of a cabinet, the effect may not be so obvious: once the shelves are full, the angled back panels are pretty much hidden, and so the diagonal angle effect is partially hidden.Other features are more obvious: In some models, the front of the unit is rounded, and this is something seldom seen in regular square-angled furniture.This curved shape is an element that can be duplicated in other accessories of the room, such as towel bars, mirrors or medicine cabinets.

A few more examples – I would stay away from black for a bathroom, but that’s just me:
Bathroom corner storage cabinets - B
Bathroom corner storage cabinets pictured:
Left: Hampton Bay 32″w Corner Cabinet With Two Wood Doors by Home Decorators Collection
Middle: RiverRidge Home Ellsworth Corner Etagere, Tall, Espresso
Right: Madison Avenue Corner Floor Cabinet by Elite Home Fashions, white

In terms of height, remember that tall furniture can look imposing when in a small space. If you do go for a tall unit in a small room, go for white, or a very light color. Blacks and dark browns will absorb a lot of light, and so darken the rest of the space, which is probably not what you want when you are dealing with a small room such as a bathroom. Also try to match the style of the cabinet with the rest of the decor. They don’t have to match exactly, but generally speaking, unless you are going for a big contrast, you want to place modern furnishings in a modern washroom, and more ornate units in older bathrooms. Finally, try to make sure your cabinet will not be damaged by water – either spraying from the shower, or leaking from sink or toilet pipes.

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