Bathroom Over-Toilet Storage Cabinets

We can all use more storage space in the bathroom, but since it tends to be the smallest room in the house, this is not always possible. One option is to mount a cabinet on the wall, but this can be a difficult job if you are not “handy”. Another way to go is to get an over-the-toilet cabinet, which basically uses up almost no extra floor space, since that space is taken up by the toilet itself.

Three examples – I love the frosted glass look of the Chesterfield model:
bathroom over toilet storage cabinets
Bathroom over toilet storage cabinets pictured:
Left: Zenith Products 9723DW Sanibel Spacesaver, Distressed White
Middle: Chesterfield Space Saver (Natural Espresso) (65″H x 25″W x 8.5″D) by Elegant Home Fashions
Right: Neal Space Saver (White) (68″H x 28″W x 9.5″D) by Elegant Home Fashions

Although toilet heights and widths are fairly standard, you should still measure yours before you get an over-the-toilet cabinet, just to be on the safe side. Unlike wall-mounted units, these floor-standing cabinets need to be high enough to not touch the top of the toilet tank. This is usually not a problem, but it could be if your toilet is very old. Toilet tanks used to contain more water, and so they used to be much bigger, and consequently, taller. Also measure the space you have on either side of the tank, to make sure the cabinet will be able to fit in the available space, without touching a sink, a counter or a wall. Take into consideration any adornment that makes the cabinet wider at the top or anywhere else on the unit.

Two more models – the white model has just enough style for my liking:
Bathroom over toilet storage cabinets - b
Over toilet storage cabinets pictured above:
Left: Zenith Products 9107W Country Cottage Etagere Over-the-Toilet Shelving System, White
Right: Zenith Products 9401CH Drop Door Space Saver with 2 Door Cabinet, Espresso

This type of cabinet is good for storing a few extra rolls of toilet paper, some shampoos, lotions and medicine, etc… You can also use them for facecloths and small towels, but big bath towels probably will not fit well. These cabinets are not deep, so you will be somewhat limited as to what you can place in them. When choosing a cabinet, make sure any doors will be able to be opened fully – without being stopped by a shower stall or a towel bar, for example. And be aware that some finishes can be damaged by water, or even by just humidity, so choose your cabinet carefully.

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