Black adult onesies

Although adult onesies come in many fun colors and patterns, they also come in simple black. Not everyone likes the funnier one-piece pajamas that look like teddy bears or that have silly designs or patterns on them. If you are one of these people and you’d like to relax in a comfortable pair of one-piece pajamas, then you can get one in a solid color like grey or black. Available in mens, womens, and unisex models.

Four examples – all nice, I think, but I like the hooded versions best:
black adult onesie
Black adult onesies pictured:
1- Footed Pajamas Pitch Black Adult Hoodie One Piece
2- Footed Pajamas Midnite Black II Adult Fleece
3- Footed Pajamas Pitch Black Adult Footless Hoodie One Piece
4- Snuggaroo Men’s Footed Onesie All In One Pajamas

No matter what color you pick, you will want a onesie that is comfortable. Look for very soft fabrics like cotton and fleece. Some models are “footed”, meaning the onesie also covers your feet. If the onesie fits you well length-wise, then the feet are great. But if the legs are too long, the feet end up dragging or bunching up under your feet, which can be annoying.

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