Black dressy romper

A dressy romper is perfect for those formal evenings that are held outdoors. The short pant legs should keep you cool, but you will still look elegant, especially if your romper is black, and you wear dressy shoes and some jewelry. It can be a nice change from dresses, and from shirt-and-skirt combinations. Black has always been associated with formality, and so it is a good color to pick when you want something more dressed-up looking.

Wow – three very nice examples if you ask me:
black dressy romper
Black dressy rompers pictured:
Left:Meilaier Womens Casual Chiffon Romper Long Sleeve Jumpsuit Short
Middle: Urparcel Lady Chiffon Career Rompers Deep V-Neck Jumpsuit Casual Short Pant
Right: Hot from Hollywood One Shoulder 3/4 Bell Sleeve Adjustable String Hot Fancy Shorts Rompers Jumpsuit

Of course, this is summerwear. A standard, long-legged jumpsuit would be appropriate in colder weather. In hot weather, black rompers are more appropriate in the evenings, when the sun is down. This is partly because black absorbs a lot of sunlight, which in turn tends to make you hotter. It is also in part just tradition: black and elegant soirees just seem to go hand in hand.

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