Bolero evening jackets

If you wear strapless dresses, you may wish you could cover up your shoulders at times. If you are going to be going from indoors to out, it is good to be able to cover yourself up without having to wear a sweater or a blazer, both of which being inappropriate to wear with a evening gown. The solution is to wear a bolero-style short jacket or shrug, which will compliment rather than hide your dress.

Check this one out – very classy, I think:
bolero evening jackets
Bolero evening jackets pictured:
Left: Alivila.Y Fashion Mesh Sequins Long Sleeve Bolero Shrug Jacket 3051, black
Right: Alivila.Y Fashion Mesh Sequins Short Sleeve Bolero Shrug Jacket 3051, black / silver

Of course, the color of the bolero should match or go well with the color of your dress. If you will be wearing the bolero with several dresses, you may want to go for a neutral color. Silver or black should match up with just about any color you are wearing. Some boleros have short sleeves, some long. Both sleeve lengths are attractive, so the choice should be based on what appeals to you or if you want the bolero to keep your arms warm. Boleros are reminiscent of the short jackets toreadors wear, and in keeping with this, some boleros are ornately decorated, sometimes with sequins or even rhinestones. If the bolero is so short that it can’t really be considered a jacket, then it is in fact a shrug. It really only covers the shoulders. Sometimes you may want to wear a bolero or shrug not for keeping warm, but rather to hide a bit of skin.

A faux-fur version in two colors – both very nice IMO:
Bolero evening jackets - b
Evening bolero jackets pictured:
Left: Tion Design Black Faux Fur Jacket – Medium
Right: Tion Design White Faux Fur Jacket – Large

Some boleros are made with faux-fur. these are likely to keep you warmer than the ones made of other fabrics, especially sheer fabrics. The sheer ones are mostly used to cover a bit of skin in situations where bare skin may be inappropriate.

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