Brushed-back satin nightgowns

I had never heard of brushed back satin before writing this post. Although I could not find much information on it, from what I can gather it is a fabric that is satiny on one side and flannel-like on the inside. The advantage of this is that if you use it for something like a nightgown, you get the softness and warmth of the flannel against your skin, while the outer side has a luxurious, elegant look to it. The best of both worlds.

Three examples – I like the cut of the middle one, myself:
brushed back satin nightgowns
Brushed back satin nightgowns pictured:
Left: Miss Elaine Women’s Brushed Back Satin Short Gown, mint
Middle: Carole Hochman Women’s 50 Inch Long Sleeve Brushed Back, Satin Damask Pink
Right: Only Necessities Plus Size Petite Brushed Back Satin Gown, sea glass

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