Kids craft table with paper roll

If your kids love to draw, or if you want to encourage them to do so, you could invest in a table that is especially designed for little artists in the making. These tables, first of all, are the right height for a child.  They have a large surface for them to draw on as well. Some of them are equipped with a paper roll dispenser, so your child always has a lot of paper on hand. The paper can be torn off when a masterpiece is ready, and more paper can be rolled onto the desk.

I would have loved this as a child:
kids craft table with paper roll
Kids craft table with paper roll pictured: Kidzpad 100-AT200E Activity Table, Espresso

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Small candy jars with lids

Small jars are great for making your own wedding favors. Just fill them with some candies that match the color-theme of your wedding, and you have a fairly inexpensive but attractive and tasty gift to give all your guests. Some of these jars are inspired by the traditional design that we used to see in general stores: jars that laid on their sides and whose openings were at a diagonal angle, making it easy to reach inside.

Here’s one I find very cute:
small candy jars with lids
Small candy jars with lids pictured: Kate Aspen Set of 12 Mini Glass Favor Jar

Small glass jars for crafts

There are many ways jars can be used in making crafts. They can be used for making your own candles, for holding wedding favors like candies or chocolates, or for decorative items like seashells or layers of colored sand. Turned upside down they become glass display cases for small figurines or homemade snow globes. Or, they can be used to hold your various craft supplies, such as beads, buttons or glitter. Punch a hole in the lid, and they can become string dispensers!

Here’s a set of 6 that’s rather cute:
small glass jars for crafts
Small glass jars for crafts pictured: Nakpunar 6 pcs , 1.5 oz Mini Hexagon Glass Jars for Jam, Honey, Wedding Favors, Shower Favors, Baby Foods, DIY Magnetic Spice Jars