Black capri pants for women

Capri pants first became popular in the nineteen-fifties, and to some, they will always retain a certain retro look. However, they are available in so many styles, colors and fabrics now, that you can definitely call them modern. Some have a bell-bottom type of leg, while others are tight at the ankles. Certain models can be adjusted to the width desired thanks to drawstrings.
Black capri pants for women:
black capri pants for women
Black capri pants for women pictured:
Left: Woman Within Plus Size Capri Pants In Soft Sport Knit
Middle: Dockers Women’s Surefit Capri
Right: Classic Designs Stretch Poplin Cargo Capri

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Light pink pea coats

Pea coats have always been classier than ski jackets or puffer coats. Perhaps it is for that reason that for a long time they were only available in very “sober” colors such as black or navy blue. But those days are gone, and pea coats are now available in bright, fun colors such a pink. Look for single and double-breasted models, as well as the poncho-type coats that are so popular these days.
Light pink pea coats:
light pink pea coat
Light pink pea coat pictured: Iron Fist Womens Heads Up Peacoat

Wool thigh-high stockings

Technically, I’m not sure if something made of wool can ever be called a stocking, but in any case, there are some wool socks that are just as long as any pair of stockings. These were especially popular in the eighties – a look that was perhaps inspired by dancers, who sometimes wore leg-warmers. Whether you wear them for the look or for the warmth, you should have no problem finding some in the color of your choice.
Wool thigh-high stockings
wool thigh high stockings
Wool thigh high stockings pictured:
Left: Smartwool Women’s Basic Thigh High Sock, forest
Middle: GOJANE Wool Thigh-High Socks, grey
Right: Smartwool Women’s Basic Thigh High Sock, Medium Gray Heather