Womens chinos

For those days you want to wear pants, but don’t want to be too dressy, chinos are a good choice. They have a casual but clean look that is suitable for most non-formal situations and activities. Traditionally, chinos tend to be light in color: they are usually found in beige, tan, or cream. These are perfect for summer, since light colors reflect light, and thus keep you cooler. To make your chinos last longer, follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

A few examples – the pleated version by Pendleton is my fave:
womens chinos
Womens chinos pictured:
Left: Aeropostale Womens Khakis Chinos Casual Pants – Style 2028, dark st
Middle: Pendleton Women’s Everyday Chino, Oxford tan twill
Right: Horny Toad Women’s Kickstand Chino Pant, rhino

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Sexy Jumpsuits for Women

Skintight and revealing, today’s jumpsuits are red hot. They are a good choice when you want to wear something sexy, but want a change from jeans or skirts. And if you’ve been to a trendy club lately, you’ve surely noticed that jumpsuits are more popular than they have ever been before, thanks to new exciting, bold and daring designs that are as pleasing to the eye as they are fun to wear.

Here are a few models that I think are rather daring without being too obvious:
sexy jumpsuits for women
Sexy jumpsuits for women pictured:
Left: Let’s Journey Into Fashion LJIF Women’s Sexy Mesh Jumpsuit
Right: Muzzanghee Mesh Inset Jumpsuit, in royal and black

When looking for a sexy jumpsuit, consider fabrics like leather or faux-leather, mesh, or fabrics with funky patterns like animal prints. Other options are shiny fabrics, like rubber or PVC, Lycra, orĀ  you could even go for a glittery fabric. You might also want to figure out what shoes you will wear with your jumpsuit before you buy one, so that they will go well together. For a sexy look, you would probably want to wear heels – the higher, the better. Somehow, flats just would not make the same kind of impact when worn with a tight jumpsuit. If you’re gonna go for a sexy look, that should apply to your footwear as well.

Some more examples – you have to be pretty confident to wear the models on the left and right. I’m not always a big fan of leopard prints, but I think that Zehui model in the middle works because we’re dealing with a garment that is meant to be obviously sexy:
Sexy jumpsuits for women - b
Womens sexy jumpsuits pictured above:
Left: PinkClubwear Junior Jumpsuit Black White Cross Print Keyhole Back Turtleneck Garter Clip Sexy Jumper
Middle: Zehui Sexy Women’s Strapless Jumpsuit Pants Clubwear Playsuit Bodysuit Rompers Leopard
Right: Goodtime Strappy Sleeveless Jumpsuit

Another thing to consider is comfort. Most sexy jumpsuits are made to be very tight. Skin-tight in fact. You may be willing to suffer in order to look good, but it is important, especially if dancing, that you be able to move freely in your jumpsuit without fear of wardrobe malfunctions. When you try on your jumpsuit, move a bit and see if there is any bunching, pulling or shifting going on. You don’t want to be constantly readjusting your clothes on the dance-floor when you’re supposed to be having a good time.
And then there is the question of how daring you want to be. Some jumpsuits let you show a little bit of skin, while other show a lot. It all depends on where you are, who you are with, how comfortable you are with both, and the mood you are in. Sexiness doesn’t just come from your clothes, but also from your attitude.

Yet more examples – I can’t imagine seeing these on the dance floor of any club I’ve ever been in – they seem more like “exotic dancer” clothes to me:
Sexy Jumpsuits for Women - f

Light Pink Trench Coat

When people think of trench coats, they may think of the standard beige or tan models. These are classics, but sometimes we want to break out from the norm. Trench coats now come in a variety of colors: less neutral, brighter colors that are as suitable for a sunny and brisk spring day as a foggy autumn night. Once you’ve opted for light pink as a color, you’ll then have to decide on a length and a style of trench coat.

Here are two that look pretty similar, my favorite being the Zicac model on the left simply because of the ash-pink color:
light pink trench coat
Light pink trench coats pictured:
Left: Zicac Fashionable Elegant Lady Women Double-Breasted Long Trench Jacket Scarf Coat Outwear Windcoat with A Free Gift
Right: LANHUACAO Women Wool Blends Coat Slim Trench Winter Coat Long Jacket Outwear

Of course, you will have fewer options available to you than if you went with a more standard color, but you should be able to find 3/4 or full length coats in pink, with a variety of belt styles. Light pink works great when combined with gray or black, beige, and even certain shades of green. Unless you really want to stand out from the crowd, though, you should not overdo it when it comes to pink.

A few more examples – notice how the Charex model on the far left seems to be the exact same as the Lanhuacao model above.
Light pink trench coat - B
1- CHAREX Women Wool Blends Coat Slim Trench Winter Coat Long Jacket Outwear
2- Fancy Dress Store Women’s Korean Slim Fit Trench Jacket with Belt
3- Vangood Pink Hooded Long Sleeve Polka Dot Belt Trench Coat
4- Gracious Girl Women’s Sabyna Fleece Lined Hooded Trench Coat, parfait pink

The lighter the pink, or the more muted, the easier it will be to match up with other colors. If you go for neon pink or hot pink, you would probably want to avoid anything but black and white when it comes to the rest of your clothing. Another color could easily create a clashing effect. The length of your coat may be a purely fashion-based choice, but be aware that the longer models should keep your legs warmer, as well as protect your pants from the rain. A shorter coat may not keep you as warm, but it will give you more freedom of movement. Then there are options like hoods, number of pockets, double or single-breasted, zippers, collar style, and so on. Many people love pink, but they may not want to wear a coat of that color. Still, if they are careful about what they wear under it, there is no reason why they can’t wear their pink coat proudly, and look great doing it.