Black capri pants for women

Capri pants first became popular in the nineteen-fifties, and to some, they will always retain a certain retro look. However, they are available in so many styles, colors and fabrics now, that you can definitely call them modern. Some have a bell-bottom type of leg, while others are tight at the ankles. Certain models can be adjusted to the width desired thanks to drawstrings.
Black capri pants for women:
black capri pants for women
Black capri pants for women pictured:
Left: Woman Within Plus Size Capri Pants In Soft Sport Knit
Middle: Dockers Women’s Surefit Capri
Right: Classic Designs Stretch Poplin Cargo Capri

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Adult fleece onesies

We think of onesies and fleece as being for toddlers or babies, but there are one-piece pajamas made especially for adults. These often come in fun models with fun patterns and colors, but the reason they are so popular is that they are comfy and warm. perfect for those cold winter days at home, when you want to spend the whole day lounging in your jammies.
Adult fleece onesies:
adult fleece onesies
Adult fleece onesies pictured:
Left: PajamaCity Pink Leopard Print Drop Seat Polar Fleece Feetie Pajamas, Size 7
Right: Pajama City Rubber Duck Print Polar Fleece Drop Seat Footed Pajamas, Size 6

Light gray wool coats

Grey has the advantage of being a neutral color. This means that it tends to look great with any other color next to it. This is very practical when it comes to the more expensive items of clothing we wear, such as winter and fall coats. Unless you can afford to own several of these, you are going to want to pick a color that will match all of your outfits – a neutral color like white, black or grey.
Light gray wool coats:
light grey wool coat
Light grey wool coats pictured:
Left: Alpha Industries Men’s Ensign Pea Coat
Right: Rothschild Girls Fully Lined Wool Coat With Attached Hood