Plastic chevron tablecloth

There is no denying the practicality of plastic tablecloths. They can be wiped clean with damp rag, which is far easier than cleaning a tablecloth made of fabric. Sometimes we have to compromise on beauty if we want practicality, but not in this case, because many plastic tablecloths have attractive patterns printed on them. Flowers, geometric shapes and stripe patterns – including chevron patterns – are all available and not hard to find.

I found this version – I love the lime green:
plastic chevron table cloth
Plastic chevron table cloth pictured: Unique Industries Lime/Black Chevron Plastic Table Cover (Each)

If the tablecloth you get is made of thin plastic, it is probably meant to be used once or twice and then thrown away. But if it is thicker, it should also be more resistant to wear and tear. To clean it, all you have to do is wipe it down with a wet cloth. Once it dries, you can then fold it up and store it until its next use.

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Brown grommet valance

Brown is a color that seemed to fall out of favor in the worlds of fashion and decor starting in the eighties. But now it has a very modern appeal, while still being somewhat retro. Weather you are going for a certain look, or you just want your valance to match another brown component of your decor, you should be able to find something appropriate. Remember that the rod the valance will be hanging on should match the style you are going for.

I love the shiny stripes on this model:
brown grommet valance
Brown grommet valance pictured: Stylemaster Fiesta Faux Silk Grommet Valance with Sequin Organza Espresso, 56-Inch by 18-Inch

Damask roman shade

Roman shades are perhaps the simplest form of shade, but they can also be the most attractive. One advantage they have going for them is that they are relatively flat when lowered, compared to some other types of shades. This means that they are ideal for patterned fabrics, since the patterns can be uninterrupted by folds or slats for the entire length of the shade. They look great when the pattern matches that of a bedspread or rug, too.

Here are two examples – I prefer the black and white ones on the left:
damask roman shade
Damask roman shades pictured:
Left: Back in Stock Traditions Black and White Damask Roman Shade with blackout Lining by Quality Roman Shades
Right: Brown and Linen Damask Roman Shade by Kona Lily Isle

Damask patterns have a great advantage when it comes to decor: they have a traditional, ornate look, but they somehow manage to fit extremely well in a modern decor.