Bamboo folding tables

Furniture made of bamboo can lend a bit of exotic charm to any room’s decor. Bamboo furniture works especially well when combined with plants, or with decor elements that feature leaves or flowers. Tropical-patterned rugs, sofas, chairs or wallpaper are some good examples of furnishings that pair up perfectly with the natural beauty of bamboo.
Bamboo folding table:
Bamboo folding tables - b
Bamboo folding table pictured: Heather Ann Creations Bamboo Octagon Folding Bistro Table with Diamond Weave Top, 30-Inch, Natural and Dark/Light Brown

bamboo folding table
Pictured: Bamboo Open Folding Table by FurniturExpert

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Folding work tables

When working on construction and renovation projects, one often needs to have a work surface nearby. Some will build a basic temporary table, but not every job warrants that much effort, and there is something very practical about a table that can be folded and stored away. With this in mind, consider a folding work table – a simple and quick solution.
folding work table
Folding work table pictured: Keter 17182239 Folding Work Table

Folding patio table

Whether it’s for sharing a meal on the patio, or just to use as a surface for resting a cool drink, a small deck table is the way to go. And if that table folds up, all the better. It means it can be easily carried and stored away for the winter season, or brought out only when it is needed. As for aesthetic appeal, patio furniture has come a long way and you should be able find something that is not only functional, but also quite attractive.
This table is a good example:
folding patio table
Folding patio table pictured: Adams Manufacturing Quik-FoldĀ® Cafe Table, sage