Queen Murphy bed cabinet

Our bed is usually the biggest piece of furniture we own. If you live in a small apartment, this can be a problem, or perhaps you need to have a guest bed and simply don’t have the room for one. A good solution is to get a Murphy bed. The more elaborate ones require complicated and costly installation, but now there are Murphy beds that fold up into a cabinet. These save space and look quite attractive.
Queen Murphy bed cabinet:
Queen Murphy bed cabinet
Queen Murphy bed cabinet pictured: Arason Enterprises Creden-ZzZ Queen Acacia Cabinet Bed by Creden-ZzZ

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Wicker folding tables

Wicker has that casual look that is perfect for decks and patios. But if you live in the type of climate that forces you to store your lawn furniture during the colder months, it is definitely advantageous to have furnishings that can be easily folded away. There are plenty of tables and chairs that fit the bill, but note that they are likely to be made of synthetic wicker.
Wicker folding tables:
wicker folding table
Wicker folding table pictured: RST Outdoor Perfect Folding Table Chair Set Patio Furniture

Long tall tables

Some tall tables, such as bistro-style tables, can be used with stools or high chairs. However, high tables that are long and narrow are usually meant to be placed in a hallway, simply because most hallways cannot accommodate furniture that is very deep. These are not meant to be sat at. They can be practical (for placing keys and mail on) or simply decorative.
Long tall tables:
long tall table
Long tall table pictured: Winsome Wood Linea Console Table, Espresso