Inflatable couches and chairs

Inflatable furniture first became popular in the late sixties. The appeal of it was decorative: it had a modern pop-art style. Inflatable couches and chairs are still around today, but the appeal has more to do with practicality – it is the perfect furniture for guest rooms or dorms – easy to move, inexpensive, and yes, still stylish. Look for colored or transparent models.
Inflatable couches and chairs:
inflatable couches and chairs
Inflatable couches and chairs pictured:
Top: Bubble Inflatables Inflatable Chair, Crystal Clear
Bottom: Bubble Inflatables Inflatable Couch, Crystal Clear

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Small storage cabinets with wheels

Storage is always useful, especially in an office setting. Although large storage units that stand on the floor are perfectly fine for most storage, there are times when you may wish you have a smaller storage unit that can be rolled from room to room. Such cabinets do exist, and they are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Some models even have doors that lock. And of course, the top can be used as a table or an extra work surface.

This one looks very practical but I don’t like the look of it. It looks like something you’d see in a school or a doctor’s office:
small storage cabinets with wheels
Small storage cabinet with wheels pictured: Diversified Woodcrafts 4101K UV Finish Solid Oak Wood Bare Bones Mobile Lab Table, Plastic Laminate Top, 48″ Width x 36″ Height x 24″ Depth

24 Inch wide storage cabinet

If you are searching for a cabinet of a specific width or depth, it’s because you already know where it will be placed and how much room can be dedicated to it. Another thing you should look into though, is whether there will be enough room for the doors of the cabinet to open fully, without banging into a wall or another piece of furniture. Also consider the height of the unit, and whether it is likely to look too imposing in the space it will occupy.

Here are two examples – a bit dull-looking if you ask me, but I’m sure they do the job:
24 inch wide storage cabinet
24-inch-wide storage cabinet pictured: ClosetMaid 24-Inch Wide Laminate Pantry Cabinet, in alder and white