Narrow white cabinet

I envy people who have large bathrooms. Unfortunately, like most people, my bathroom is small and cramped, meaning that if I add any furniture to it, it definitely has to be narrow. In a cramped space, it’s a good idea to go for a light color when it comes to furniture. Dark colors can darken a room, and they can feel imposing, especially if they are tall and they are placed in a small room. There are plenty of white cabinets to choose from, and one of them should do the job, whether for your bathroom, laundry room or kitchen.

Here are three examples I found – the one on the left is very basic. I prefer the ones with a bit more design elements such as the model in the middle and the one on the right.
narrow white cabinet
Narrow white cabinets pictured:
Left: 4D Concepts Storage Tower, White
Middle: Nantucket Cottage White Tall Storage Cabinet Shelf Unit by Furniture Creations
Right: Lakeside Tall Storage Cabinet by Furniture Creations

Of course narrow cabinets don’t have to be tall, but the extra height does mean more storage space. What the unit lacks in width, it makes up for in height. You won’t be able to store large items on the cabinet shelves.

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Zig zag corner wall shelf

Corner shelving comes in several different forms. The one that arguably uses space most efficiently is a shelf that is mounted on the wall, leaving the floor under it free. Of course it means that you will have to mount the shelf, but this should be relatively easy. A fun and original style of shelf is the zig-zag type. The backing for every tier alternates from the left to the right wall, resulting in a funky look that a traditional shelf just can’t match.

Love these – I want one!
zig zag corner wall shelf
Zig-zag corner wall shelves pictured:
Left: Nexxt FN01460-4 Provo Series White Corner Mounted Accent Shelf
Middle: Purple Corner Wall Shelf 3 Tier Shelves by Cbearbedding
Right: 4D Concepts Hanging Corner Storage

One of the effects of such a shelf on your room’s decor is that it will break up what might be very regular straight lines.

Bathroom vanity chairs with wheels

If you are lucky enough to have the space for a vanity, then you already know that the height of the seat you use is important. Vanities tend to be low, and so should the chair or stool you will be using. You don’t want to be crouching down to see yourself in the mirror. The chair should be comfortable – a padded seat is a plus – and of course, it should look nice, ideally matching the overall style of the room.

An example I find very nice, in two colors:
bathroom vanity chairs with wheels
Bathroom vanity chairs with wheels pictured: Brylanehome Rolling Vanity Stool, in gold and silver

Since vanities themselves tend to be styled elegantly, it makes sense to get chair that also has that same elegance. Most vanity chairs and stools tend to be more ornate than their regular counterparts. Odds are you will not find something that will match the exact style of your vanity, but try to find something with similar lines. If your vanity is rounded for example, you might want to get a vanity chair that features round lines. Of course you can also go for a contrast in styles, but this is something that doesn’t always work. You can also try and match the color, or once again go for a contrast.