Folding Mahjong Tables

The advantage of collapsible game tables is that they can be folded up and put away until they are needed. This is especially practical if you happen to live in a small apartment. Tables that fold flat can be stored under a bed, behind a piece of furniture, or simply in a closet. Look for folding Mahjong tables that have one or more small drawers, so that you can store your tiles easily.
Folding Mahjong Tables:
folding mahjong table
Folding mahjong table pictured: LOCOMO Mini Portable Folding Foldable Mahjong Full Set 144 Tiles Board Chinese Traditional Game Case Desk Travel by Toys – Board Games

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Folding Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Jigsaw puzzles are a relaxing, calming hobby, but they do take up space on a table or desk, sometimes for long periods. Indeed, since big puzzles sometimes take days or even weeks to finish, any surface use to make them can’t be used for any other activity until the puzzle is done. If you do puzzles only occasionally, this may be an inconvenience you’re willing to deal with. But if you are an avid puzzle maker, then you may want to consider getting yourself a small table dedicated to your hobby.

Here’s one that is very practical (for small puzzles), but not very decorative, I don’t think:
folding jigsaw puzzle table
Folding jigsaw puzzle table pictured: Jigsaw Puzzle Table by Jigthings

The size of the table you will need will depend on the size of the puzzles you usually do. Indeed, if you do gigantic puzzles, you may not find a table big enough for your needs. You may have to opt for a puzzle pad that can be rolled up. This allows you to do your puzzle on the floor, or on a dining table, and then roll it up and put it away until your next puzzle session. If your puzzles are not quite that big, then a standard puzzle table should do fine.

A different type – technically not a table, but  I like that it can be put away easily:
Folding jigsaw puzzle table - B
Folding jigsaw puzzle table pictured: Puzzle Magic Tabletop Puzzleboard

Some puzzle tables are not tables at all: they are more like cases that convert to a flat working surface. Included is a flat piece that fits securely over the puzzle in progress, keeping it intact, even when the case is vertical. The working surface is sometimes made of felt, which is a nice fabric to do a puzzle on, as it keeps the pieces from sliding off. If the table can be angled at a 45 degree angle, all the better. This is a great angle for working on a puzzle, because it is more parallel to your head. It is easier to see the whole picture that way. Considering all the electronic games and gadgets that compete for our attention these days, it’s nice to know that something simple like a puzzle is still around. Without any bells, whistles, or any batteries required, we can get lost in a quiet activity that lets us relieve the stresses of daily life. And all this at a very affordable price.

Some more examples – check out the Siearra Pacific Crafts model – I love the fact that it spins:
Folding Jigsaw Puzzle Table - cFolding Jigsaw Puzzle Table - d
Folding Jigsaw Puzzle Table - eFolding Jigsaw Puzzle Table - f
Pictured above:
1- Jigsaw Puzzle Spinner by Sierra Pacific Crafts
2- Puzzle Mates Portapuzzle Pro Jigsaw Puzzle Accessory (Up to 1000 Pieces)
3- Puzzle Folding Bar Table by Spiderlegs
4- PortaPuzzle Deluxe 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Storage and Transport 1000pc by Jumbo