Wooden lap desk

Whether you opt for a lap desk that is made of wood or plastic, you will find that there are three basic types available. The first type is also the simplest: it is basically a flat surface with some kind of padding at the bottom. The second type is designed a bit like a bed tray: it has legs that fold out, and can be used without it actually touching your lap. The third is the most elaborate: it is the type that opens up, offering different compartments for keeping supplies neatly organized.
Wooden lap desk:
Wooden lap desk
Wooden lap desk pictured: Campaign Lap Desk & Writing Set by Authentic Models

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Battery Operated Cordless Table Lamps

If you are interested in getting a cordless lamp, you should know that although they are very practical, they do have their limitations. You shouldn’t expect a battery operated lamp to be as bright as a regular plug-in lamp. Also, if you intend to use it a lot, the operating costs of the cordless model will be higher than a corded model, due to the high price of batteries.
Battery Operated Cordless Table Lamps:
Battery Operated Cordless Table Lamps pictured:
Left: River of Goods 13520S Handblown Wireless battery Operated Mercury Glass Green and Silver Lily Accent Lamp, 8-Inch
Middle: Candle Impressions Convertible Beaded Bohemian Style Ornate Lantern with Flameless Battery Operated LED Candle
Right: Housmile Multifunctional Intelligent LED Moving Light, Built-in 2200mAh High Capacity Lithium Battery, Stepless Fingerprint Touch Night Lights for Home Indoors and Outdoors

Suitcase folding tables

There are times when we need to set up a table temporarily either outdoors or in. This is usually the case when we are entertaining outdoors – we need a place for food and drinks. If you have enough garden parties to warrant the expense, a folding table could be an option for you. Some models even fold up into a suitcase-like shape, complete with handle for easy transport.
Suitcase folding tables:
suitcase folding table
Suitcase folding table pictured: HEAVY-DUTY Oasis 8-Person (6 Feet Long) Folding Suitcase Table-10 Years Warranty-High Quality Product by Oasis