Wall storage baskets

Extra storage is always practical, but it’s nice when it can be decorative as well. This is certainly the case when it comes to baskets. These are usually placed on the floor or on a shelf, but some baskets are made especially to be hung on a wall or a door. These provide extra organization space without taking up any floor space, and an nice addition to the room’s decor. These are especially popular for bathrooms.

Two very decorative examples, I think:
wall storage baskets
Wall storage baskets pictured:
Left: Tag Seagrass Basket, 3-Compartment 29-Inch Tall Wall Basket
Right: Woven Hanging Wall Mounted Basket Rustic Home D├ęcor by MyGift

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Extra large storage baskets

When it comes to storage there are plenty of options, and not all of them need to be visually pleasing. If what you store will be hidden from view – like in a closet or under a bed – then any box will do. But if it going to be visible, you want something that will not only look good, but also fit in with your decor. Baskets can be ideal in that respect: they do the job, and they look good in almost any setting.

Here’s an example I find quite decorative:
extra large storage baskets
Extra large storage basket pictured: Rattan Storage Basket or Storage Bin Rectangular – Rt430564 by ShopOnNet.com

Animal print storage bins

It seems we can always stand to be more organized, and any item or furnishing that can help us reach that goal is a welcome addition at home or at the office. Storage bins are such items: versatile containers that can be used for anything from magazines to toys, to cleaning supplies. Fortunately, some companies make storage bins that aren’t just practical – they look great too. Look for fun patterns like leopard, zebra or giraffe prints in all sorts of vibrant colors.

Here are two examples I find very cute:
animal print storage bins
Animal print storage bins pictured:
Left: Modern Littles Rusty Folding Storage Bin, Orange Giraffe
Right: Pink Leopard Sain Bin – Large by TMD Holdings, LLC

These types of animal-theme accessories are always welcome in a child’s room.