Black metal wedding rings

The design of wedding rings has evolved a lot in recent years, partly because of fashion, changing attitudes, and the use of different metals. It isn’t unusual for couples to opt for modern and sleek looking rings made of black metal. Some combine other metal and/or other colors, and some incorporate jewels, giving you both a modern look but with a more traditional element in its design.

Here is an example that is quite simple and sleek. I like these:
black metal wedding rings
Black metal wedding rings pictured: Sabrina Silver 2-Ring Set Tungsten Ring Diamond 6 & 8 mm Him & Her Wedding Band 0.11 cttw Two-tone Black Finish Beveled Edges, ladies sizes 5-9, mens 9 – 13

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Black titanium wedding rings for women

There is still a lot of tradition involved in weddings, but fashion-wise, those traditions are giving way to modern ideas. There is a lot more freedom, for example, when it comes to the kind of ring that can be used as a wedding ring. Black titanium may not seem like a traditional choice for a woman’s wedding band, but if that is what your fiancee likes, then why not get her something she will enjoy wearing everyday for the rest of her life?

Here are four examples I selected – I love the one with the cables:
black titanium wedding rings for women
Black titanium wedding rings for women pictured:
Top left: West Coast Jewelry 7mm Black Titanium Ring with CZ (Sizes 8-12)
Top right: Amazon Curated Collection Women’s Black Titanium Round-Cut White Sapphire Ring with Multi-Colored Anodized Channel
Bottom left: West Coast Jewelry Solid Titanium with Black and CZ Stone Band Ring
Bottom right: West Coast Jewelry 7.0mm Black Titanium Ring with Stainless Steel Cables (Sizes 7-12)

The styles of black rings can vary greatly. Some are wider, others thinner.

Black wedding bands for women

There has always been a mix of tradition and fashion when it comes to weddings. All although black wedding bands may not be traditional, they certainly are fashionable. They often tend to have very simple and sleek designs, in contrast with some of the more ornate models that can be found in other colors. This doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful in their own way – several models incorporate diamonds in their design.

I like both of these, but the simple one on the left is my favorite:
black wedding bands for women
Black wedding bands for women pictured:
Left: Metal Masters Co. Tungsten Carbide Black Unisex Men’s Women’s Wedding Band Ring 2MM Sizes 5 to 15
Right: Surfing Silver Solid Titanium Black IP ION White CZ Eternity Wedding Band Mens and Womens Ring