Round plastic cutting boards

Why get a round cutting board? Well, there is an aesthetic reason: you may find they look nicer than the usual rectangular boards. Similarly, a round board could also be used as a serving tray for cheese and crackers (sort of like a paddle board or cheese board), for serving pizza, or even as a cake stand. It could also be used as a sort of size-guide when making pizza, dosas, or pita bread.
Round plastic cutting boards:
round plastic cutting board
Round plastic cutting board pictured: Excellante Polyethylene Round Cutting Board, Size: 1-1/2 by 14-Inch

The disadvantage of a round board is that it can be harder to store.

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Orange paper towel holder

Orange was a very popular color for kitchen in the seventies. If you would like to have a touch of that retro look in your kitchen without overdoing it, then a few accessories, like a paper towel holder, can do the trick. Some of these are horizontal and must be mounted under a cabinet, while other stand vertically and are simply placed on the kitchen counter, with no mounting being needed at all.

Two cool examples I found. I like them both:
orange paper towel holder
Orange paper towel holders pictured:
Left: Koziol Roger 5226509 Orange Paper Towel Stand

Large pickle jars

Pickle jars are not just for holding pickles. Like any other jar, they can hold any other food, but there is a decorative quality to these types of jars that make them more than just practical. They have what could be called an “old-timey” appeal. This is especially true of the models that feature a wooden handle. The handle has that old-fashioned look, and it makes carrying the jar much easier when it is full.

These would look nice in a traditional-type kitchen decor, I think:
large pickle jars
Large pickle jars pictured: Anchor Hocking Glass Barrel Jar With Lid, 1 gallon, and 2.5 gallon