Bright orange blankets

Bright orange is a fun, vibrant color that reminds us of sunshine and warmth. Perfect for a blanket, but only if the rest of the colors in the room go well with this vibrant shade. Yellow, brown and certain shades of red match well with bright orange. It’s a color you don’t want to overdo because it is so intense. A few throw pillows, a small rug and a few other decorative touches should be enough.
Bright orange blankets:
bright orange blanket
Bright orange blanket pictured: Sleeping Partners Ultra Soft Plush Blanket, Queen

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White comforter with black trim

Black and white is a classic color combination that has never gone out of style when it comes to home decor. It is neutral and thus suitable for both men’s and women’s bedrooms, making it an ideal combination for bedding. You could go for mixing black sheets with white pillows, or for a comforter set that has stripes or patterns that contain both colors. Either way, the effect can be quite striking.

I love how they did the stripes on this example:
white comforter with black trim
white comforter with black trim pictured: Roxbury Park Baratto Duvet Set King with Tripple Black Embroidered Stripes, in queen or king

Anchor design bedding sets

Nautical decor tends to be popular for beach houses and summer cottages. Of course, it is a style of decor that can be used at any time in any room. And something like a bedspread or small rug that features a boating-related pattern can be used in a non-nautical setting. If this is a style that appeals to you, look for sheets or comforters that feature small repetitive patterns, or big an bold designs that make a much bigger impact.

Here’s a version I really like:
anchor design bedding sets
Anchor design bedding set pictured: Thumbprintz Duvet Cover, Twin, Anchors Away White

Decorative items with a nautical theme are often navy blue or light blue, which makes a lot of sense, but you should be able to find them in other, less standard colors.