Red and black king size comforter sets

Black is known for going well with any other color, but it seem to combine especially well with red. If you are looking to add some color to your bedroom, an easy way to do it could be to get a red comforter. If you really want the red to pop, then combine it with some black to create a contrast. This works well in a room that uses fairly dark colors for the rest of its decor. Look for red and/or black rugs or picture frames to echo the bedding.

This set looks great to me… and it looks comfy too:
red and black king size comforter sets
Red and black king size comforter set pictured: Silky Soft – Goose Down Alternative Reversible Comforter Set- Available In A Few Sizes And Colors , King, Black/Burgundy by Elegance Linen

If you are going for a vivid red, make sure the color will not fade when it is washed. A faded color will have a very different impact on the room’s overall tone. A darker red will usually have a more subtle effect on a room, but one that can still be very effective.

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Teal and purple bedding

The purple and teal combination is one that is perfect for someone who is not afraid to make a bold decor statement. It is perfect for kids and teens, since they tend to like bright colors, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work in an adult’s bedroom. The important thing is to consider what other colors are presently in the bedroom, mainly on the walls and carpeting. In other words, the colors that take up the most amount of space. If those colors are already bright, the addition of bright bedding may be too much. It may be wiser to stick with neutral colors for the walls and floor coverings.

One of the subtler examples I could find:
teal and purple bedding
Teal and purple bedding pictured: Teen Girl Purple Teal Tie Dye Twin Comforter Set (6pc Bed in a Bag) by My Room

In terms of accessories such as throw pillows and rugs, you may also want to stick with muted colors. The bedding will likely be the focal point, since your bed is probably the biggest piece of furniture in the room. Because of this, whatever colors you choose for your bedding can end up being the room’s predominant colors. You don’t want your rugs and pillows to clash with your bedding, so pick these carefully: either go for shades of teal and purple, or stick to cream, beige or ivory. Colors that will not grab the attention.

A flashier version – not my cup of tea, but could be nice in a teen’s room:
Teal and purple bedding - b
Loft Style Bubble Stripe Ultra Soft Microfiber Comforter Sham Set, Blue, Full

Green velvet bedspread

Velvet is synonymous with luxury. It feels like no other fabric; very soft, yet somewhat textured. It also reflects light in a unique way, varying the perceived color of the fabric from light to dark, depending on the orientation of the fibers. This means that if you get a green velvet bedspread for example, the shades of it will vary between light and dark green, accentuating the fabric’s texture.

I’m not sure how soft this would feel, but I think it looks nice:
green velvet bedspread - 2
Green velvet bedspread pictured: “Handcrafted Luxury Emrald Green Bed Cover with Gold Sequin Embroidery – Couture Bedspread in Luxe Velvet – Bedding King Size 110″ X 96″ (275cm X 240cm) – Green Bedspreads by Amore Beaute”