Mexican beach blanket

You don’t have to be in Mexico to enjoy a Mexican blanket. Note that these types of blankets are not usually very soft. However, what they lack in softness, they make up for in thickness and durability. This makes them ideal for using outdoors, on the ground, for picnics. And of course, many use them as beach blankets, instead of towels. They are quite attractive, featuring colorful stripes, V-shapes and other patterns.

Here are some with typical patterns. There are more intricate versions available, but I like the classic look of these:
mexican beach blanket
Pictured: Mexican Blanket Heavy Authentic Throw 58″ X 74″ Beach, Picnic, Car Afghan by Velmex

Unfortunately, just because a blanket is called “Mexican”, it doesn’t necessarily mean it was actually made in Mexico.

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Black and grey bedspread

Black and grey may be neutral colors, but this does not mean that they can’t make an impact when it comes to decor. In a room where the main colors are white or beige, for example, a black and gray comforter can really stand out – far more than a plain black or plain grey comforter would. So for a sober and classy touch, consider this combination when it comes to bedding. There is plenty available, from sheets to comforters, to duvet covers.

Here’s my favorite bedding set in that color scheme:
Black and grey bedspread - 2
Black and grey bedspread pictured: 7 piece Vine Comforter Set Black, White, Grey Bedding King and Queen size Bed In A Bag by Grand Linen

Another way to go is to have the walls, rug and linen all in shades of grey and black, but then throw in accents of a bright color, like a bright yellow for example. This could be done with a painting, a small table, some artificial flowers or a couple of throw pillows. Of course, black and gray are neutral, so they are good choices if you are not sure what color to choose for your bedding. This also goes for rugs or cushions. But, depending on the pattern on the sheets and comforter, the black and grey combination can be quite bold. A checkered pattern with large squares for example makes more of an impact then thin stripes that blend together.

Another example – perhaps a bit too busy for me:
Black and grey bedspread - b
Bedspread in gray & black: Chic Home 12-Piece Embroidery Bed-in-a-Bag Set with Sheets, Livingston Black

Traditionally, black and grey bedding would be considered masculine, but this is not necessarily always the case, depending on the patterns involved. Of course, the other colors in the room can change the context completely, and make the blacks and greys of your bedding look more feminine. It’s a color combination that can also work very well in a teen’s room, especially when combined with bold patterns like wide stripes or chevron zig-zags. As with any bedding, make sure you check the manufacturer’s tag for washing instructions.

Pictured above: 1- Chezmoi Collection 7-Piece Quilted Patchwork Comforter Set, Black/Gray/Tan, King 2- Chic Home 4 Piece Dominic Geometric Quilting Embroidery Queen Quilt Set Grey Shams and Decorative Pillows included 3- Baltic Linen Company Luxury Fashionable Reversible Solid Color Mini Quilt Sets, Twin, Black/Grey 4- Chic Home 8-Piece Euphoria Embroidered Comforter Set, Queen, Black/White 5- Cozy Beddings 7-Piece Amber Jacquard Comforter Set, Queen, Black/Silver/Cream