Folding art tables

The advantages of any type of collapsible table are obvious: it can be folded up and stored away under a bed, behind some furniture or in a closet, until it is needed again. This is type of furniture is a good choice for occasional activities. And if art is more of a hobby for you, this type of table may be appropriate.
Folding art table:
folding art table
Folding art table pictured: Studio Designs Folding Drafting Station-Silver with Blue Glass Top

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Computer monitor riser

If you’re like me, you like your monitor to be at eye level. A very inexpensive and very easy way to achieve this is to simply place your monitor on a stack of big books. This will certainly do the job as well as any stand. You will, however lose the space under the monitor. An alternative is to get a riser that has a drawer and/or shelf incorporated in its design, that you can use to store office supplies.
Computer monitor riser:
computer monitor riser - B
Computer monitor riser pictured: Victor Wood Monitor Riser, 1175 (Mocha Brown) by Victor

Low desk hutch

There’s no denying the practicality of a hutch – it provides you with extra storage where you need it most. But if the the hutch is too high, it may block light. This is especially true if your desk is placed under a window.  In a case like this, a good idea would be to get a hutch that has a lower profile. This way it won’t block anything and still be quite practical.
Low desk hutch:
low desk hutch
Low desk hutch pictured: Prepac Sonoma Maple Hutch