Desktop hutch organizer

If you are like me, you can always stand to be more organized. My desk, for example, used to be covered with notepads, scrap paper, files, Cd’s, DVD’s and more. After I built myself a shelf that rests on the desk – a hutch, really – things improved a lot. The things I use a lot – pens and pencils, for example – are still strewn here and there, but the rest is neatly put away and easy to find.

I don’t usually like fake wood, but this model looks pretty nice:
desktop hutch organizer
Desktop hutch organizer pictured: Safco Products 47-Inch W Radius Front Desk Topper, Medium Oak (9415MO)

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Desktop storage organizer

When it comes to my desk, I always like anything that helps me keep it tidy. Desktop organizers are especially handy, since they let me keep things in their place, while still keeping them within reach. Typically, my desk will be littered with pens and pencils, as well as note paper, and various bills. An organizer could help keep all these things in one spot. Or, the other way to go is to use various pencil cups and small boxes. This is perhaps less tidy, but it could be the less expensive solution.

Here’s a nice one – I like the little drawers, perfect for paper clips and staples and so on:
Desktop storage organizer - 2
Desktop storage organizer pictured: Victor Wood Midnight Black Collection, Tidy Tower Desktop Organizer, Black, (5500-5)