Rv folding tables

RV’s have come a long way in the past decades, partially because designers are finding evermore clever ways to make space-saving furniture. The type of folding table you would put in an RV is not designed the same way as an ordinary folding table made to put on a patio, say. It has to be very stable and solid, so that it can withstand the movement of a vehicle.
Rv folding table:
rv folding table
rv folding table: Foldable RV Table Portable RV Folding Table and Magazine Rack (Adjustable Height)

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Double folding camping chairs

When camping or while partaking in other outdoor activities, it is often necessary to bring some form of seating along. For ease of travel, folding furniture is always preferable. Its main advantages being that it is lightweight and takes up little room when in its folded position. Some folding chairs are “twin” chairs, meaning they actually consist of two chairs attached together, often with a storage area in between the two.
Her’s a good example:
double folding camping chairs
Double folding camping chairs pictured: GigaTent Side By Side Chair, red

Inflatable beach chairs

When deflated, inflatable beach chairs take up very little room, and so they are easy to carry around. Of course, this convenience comes at a cost: you will have to inflate the chair once you’ve reached your sunning spot. If you don’t feel like blowing it up with your own lung power, you could always get a small pump that will do the job without making you dizzy.
Inflatable beach chair:
inflatable beach chairs
Inflatable beach chair pictured: WondaWedge Inflatable Lounge Pillow – ORANGE!