Modern cat beds

Most pet accessories are not made with modern design in mind. They are considered purely functional items. So if you are decor conscious, you may find that there are only a few items available that are not only practical, but also decorative. Below is an example of a cat bed that looks very stylish, suitable for a room that has a modern, contemporary look to it.
Modern cat beds:
modern cat bed
Modern cat bed pictured: LazyBonezz Modern Dog or Cat loft-bed

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Floor to ceiling cat tree

If you own a cat, you know that they love to climb as high as they can, so they can get an overall view of their domain. They will climb on your furniture, using clever routes you never thought possible, and do whatever it takes to get up there. If you’d rather your cat not jump all over your stuff, you could get a long pole – one that goes from the floor right up to the ceiling – made especially for cats to climb on.

These look like they’d be fun for cats, but I find them kind of ugly:
floor to ceiling cat tree
Floor to ceiling cat trees pictured:
Left: 22″ Three Tier Climbing Cat Tree by ABC Pet, blue
Middle: General Cage-Kitty Skyscraper Cat Tree Cat Furniture, beige
Right: General Cage-Stairway To Heaven Cat Furniture