Silver flip flops for bridesmaids

Why would a bridesmaid want to wear flip-flops, or any other type of sandal at a wedding? Well, she wouldn’t necessarily wear them during the ceremony, but rather at the reception, so that she can feel comfortable after wearing high heels for hours. When picking sandals or flip flops for a wedding, look for touches that make the shoe special. This can mean the color or some additional ornamentation, like bows, flowers, or jewels.

Here’s a nice example below – how cute are these?!
silver flip flops for bridesmaids
Silver flip flops for bridesmaids pictured: David’s Bridal Wedding & Bridesmaid Shoes Metallic Flip Flop with Crystal Bow

These types of sandals can also be ideal for wearing after a night on the town.

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Dressy flat sandals for wedding

Elegance is part of what makes a wedding so special, but at a certain point after the ceremony, it’s nice for the bride – or anyone attending – to be able to change into more comfortable footwear. This is where dressy sandals come in. They let you give your tired feet a well deserved rest from uncomfortable high heels, but they are still stylish and classy.

Here’s an example that would look great at any wedding, I think:
dressy flat sandals for wedding
Dressy flat sandals for wedding pictured: Fourever Funky Satin Floral Beaded T-Strap Thong Flat Sandal Grey

Wedding shoes often have some sort of decoration on them, such as flowers, bows or jewels. Something beautiful and fun that makes them stand out from other dress shoes. Bridal sandals are similar in that respect: they come with these whimsical adornments as well. As for color, you’ll probably want something silver, gold or maybe white. Ivory is very popular too, and just a little less bright than white.

Two more example, simpler but I find them quite elegant:
Dressy flat sandals for wedding - b2
Top: kate spade new york Women’s Fella Dress Sandal
Bottom: Blue by Betsey Johnson Women’s SB-Iris Dress Sandal

Of course, it may be that you don’t want to spend money on a sandal that you will only wear at weddings. If that is the case, then you may want to go with a less elaborate decoration, or one that is less obviously wedding-related. That way it may be easier to pair up with more casual, everyday clothes. Another option is to go for flip flops instead. They are definitely less dressy, but they are probably more comfortable. It all depends on the look you want and how casual you’re willing to go. In terms of the actual ceremony though, there is one type of wedding where it is appropriate to wear sandals, and that is a beach wedding. If you have ever tried walking in heels in the sand, you know that it is next to impossible. You need to wear flats or sandals. Other than at beach weddings, this type of footwear should be worn only at the party after the wedding. Some shoes are made to be easily dyed. This could give your sandals a new life after the wedding. It is recommended to try the dye in a small test area on the sandal. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

Pictured above: 1-JJF Shoes Women Jewel Decor T-Strap Slingback Thong Dressy Flat Sandals 2- Orly Shoes Women's Gold Metallic Woven T-Strap Glitter Mesh Fisherman Sandal 3- Essex Glam Womens Diamante Pearl Toe Post Flat Sandals 4- SheSole Womens Gladiator Flat Sandals Pu Leather Wedding Pearls Rhinestone Cute Comfortable Shoes 5- Sun Lorence Women Fashion Bohemian Style Flower Adornment Flip Flops Flat Sandals