Anti chafing underwear for men

When exercising, you may find that after a while, some of the clothes you are wearing begin to chafe you. Fortunately, there is underwear made to solve this problem. This is possible thanks to the type of fabric that is used and the way this fabric is stitched. If chafing has been a problem for you – whether it be while working out, playing sports, repetitive movements related to your work, or just daily activities – look into some anti chafing underwear.

Two examples by Under Armour – I like the yellow band on the one on the right:
anti chafing underwear for men
Anti chafing underwear for men pictured:
Men’s UA Touch 9″ Boxerjock┬« Boxer Briefs Bottoms by Under Armour by Under Armour

Chaffing should not be a problem with briefs, so we are talking about an issue with boxers or boxer-briefs. Since they are cut longer and cover more skin, they help you stay warmer, but on the other hand, there is more fabric there to possibly chafe you. Chaffing, however, is not cause solely by fabric. It is usually cause by wet fabric: Fabric that has imbibed sweat. For this reason, the best anti-chafing underwear should be made of a fabric that not only can rub against the skin without causing discomfort, but that also does not retain moisture. This means some kind of compromise.

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Black wrestling singlet

Wrestling singlets used to be used uniquely for practicing the sport, but they have become popular outside the world of wrestling as well.This makes a lot of sense since a singlet is basically a garment that gives you a lot of freedom to move and that lets you stay relatively cool. Wrestling singlets can be worn for other sports or workouts, such as cycling or weight-lifting for example.

Check out these examples – my favorite being the Matman version in the middle because I love the white band:
black wrestling singlet
Black wrestling singlets pictured:
Left: ASICS Men’s Solid Modified Singlet
Middle: Matman Core Wrestling Singlet
Right: ASICS Women’s Solid Modified Wrestling Singlet

The important thing is that the singlet fits you properly.