Closet for doll clothes

If your children have a few different outfits for their doll, a cute and practical way to store them neatly is to use a miniature closet. Make sure the closet you get is the right size for the doll. Eighteen-inch dolls are very popular, and when it comes to accessories for storing their clothes, you will need something fairly big in comparison to furniture for other dolls.

Love the tiny inside-drawer on this model:
closet for doll clothes
Closet for doll clothes pictured: Doll Trunk for 18 inch Dolls by Carpatina Dolls

Quality can be an issue when it comes to doll furniture. One thing to pay attention to is the material used. If the item is made of wood, there is a good chance that you are dealing with something of good quality. It is more likely that you will be getting something made of either plastic or pressed cardboard. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality will be bad. It may be sturdy and last for years, but you should do a bit of research about the model you intend to buy and the company that makes it to make sure you are getting something good.

I would think any doll collector would like either of these:
Closet for doll clothes - B
Left: 18 Inch Doll Wish Crown Storage Armoire Furniture Fits 18″ American Girl Dolls by Emily Rose Doll Clothes & Furniture
Right: Doll Armoire Furniture, 18 Inch White Armoire & 3 Doll Hangers, Fits 18″ American Girl Doll Clothes & More! Doll Armoire/Storage & 3 Hangers by Sophia’s

Another thing to consider is whether the closet will be displayed or not. If the idea is just to have something to store the clothes, maybe something portable, then a simple case might be more practical, although you would not be able to hang the clothes. If the closet is meant to be part of a play set, or you would like something that you can display, than something more decorative would be in order.

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