Club Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits were once relegated to the casual clothing category, but this is no longer the case. In fact they have recently become very popular as clubwear. The new styles of jumpsuits are form-fitting and fashionable, featuring stretchy fabrics and bold colors. You are sure to stand out on the dance floor in a sexy jumpsuit, but don’t take our word for it: just look at some of the pictures below.

Here are three examples – I think these would look great on any dance-floor:
club jumpsuits
Club jumpsuits pictured: Left: LJIF Women’s Color Block Jumpsuit Bodysuit / Middle: Hot from Hollywood Strapless Peplum One Piece Jumper Formal Evening Party Jumpsuit Pantsuit S M L / Right: LJIF Women’s Peplum Jumpsuit

Style wise, you will have to decide what type of fit you prefer, the main choice being whether you go for a wide-leg, loose fitting style, or a skintight style. Both can be sexy, but the latter is more daring. Then there is the choice of color. When in doubt, you can always go with black.

A few more versions – the first two I find rather daring, and I love how classy the Allegra model on the right looks:
Club jumpsuits - b
Club jumpsuits pictured:
1 – Goodtime Strappy Sleeveless Jumpsuit, rust
2 – Goodtime Strappy Racerback Jumpsuit, black
3 – Pinkclubwear Plus Size Swirl Mesh Insert Fitted Sexy Tank Bodysuit, red
4 – Allegra K Women’s Asymmetric Sleeve Stretchy Jumpsuit Fuchsia Color S, fuchsia

Although black always works well, if your goal is to stand out on a dark dance floor, then you may want to opt for a brighter color. Orange, yellow, pink or white should do the trick. The color of the shoes you will be wearing, as well as your accessories will also influence your choice of color. Matching colors is always a safe bet, but again, if your goal is to stand out, you may want to go with harsh contrasts that attract attention. Two different bright colors combined usually do the trick.

There is no question that selecting an outfit for clubbing is more about look than comfort. However, if you are uncomfortable in whatever you wear, it will probably will take away from your enjoyment, and chances are other people will notice this. This is especially true if you are dancing: if you need to be adjusting, pulling and tugging at your clothes all the time, it can really be no fun. That is why your jumpsuit should fit you well and be comfortable. You may also want to look for a fabric that keeps you cool – something light that breathes.

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