Collapsible Laundry Cart on Wheels

A wheeled cart is one of those items that no home should be without, because it has so many practical uses. It certainly does a great job of carrying laundry to and from the laundry room or laundromat, by why stop there? Many people use these types for carts for carrying groceries back from the store. In fact, it’s great for anything you need to transport but don’t want to lift, at home or outdoors.

Here’s two examples – I like the fact that this model is available in red. It’s always nice when something practical is made a bit more attractive:
collapsible laundry cart on wheels
Collapsible laundry carts on wheels pictured: Trimmer Shopping Cart, medium, red and X-Large, black

As practical as they are, though, they are only for light and medium loads. Unless your cart is very sturdy, it will buckle under the weight of heavy items, and it might even lose a wheel. We have all seen broken carts – missing a wheel – abandoned in parking lots and on the side of the road. If you are planning to use this type of cart to transport heavy loads, make sure the cart you buy is heavy-duty. This will mean thicker, stronger metal and better wheels. It will also mean a bigger price tag.

Again, it’s amazing what a coat of bright colored paint can do – check out the nice blue model on the left:
Collapsible laundry cart on wheels - b
Pictured Left: Extra Large Folding Shopping Cart Basket 4 Wheel Jumbo WITH FREE LINER AND CARGO NET by SCF (Blue with Blue liner) by Unique Imports
Right: Folding Shopping Cart Swivel Wheel Extra Basket Jumbo Black with Liner by SCF by Unique Imports

One version of these carts has very wide wheels, which is ideal for using at the beach, as the wheels are less likely to sink in the sand. Unless they are specifically designed for use in sand, don’t bring a regular cart at the beach, as it is bound to get stuck. Some carts come with a lining. This can be very useful, since it keeps smaller items from falling through the metal wires. These linings should be removable, so that they can be washed. They may be made of cloth or nylon.

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