Coral color bedding

Sometimes we may feel that a room needs a complete makeover, but in fact, sometimes small changes can make a big impact. Changing the color of your bedding is one of those changes that is easy and relatively inexpensive but that can really affect the feel of a room. If you are interested in adding some coral bedding to your room, make sure that the walls, carpeting, if any, and the furniture will go well with it color-wise.

Here’s an example that would work well in a teen’s room, I think:
coral color bedding
Coral color bedding pictured: Victoria Classics Hotel Juvi Comforter Set, 4-Piece, Color: Coral Hope

Coral gives off a fresh and bright feeling, it seems. And who knows, it may even help put us in a good mood. Coral pairs well with peach, pink, aqua or teal, and a less common combination that can also work is coral and brown.

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