Corner shelf for cable box

One of the great things about LCD, plasma and LED televisions is that they are light and thus can be easily mounted on a wall. However, they are also thin, and that means we can no longer rest the cable box on top of the set. For this reason you may find it necessary to put up a shelf that will be dedicated to holding the cable box and/or other TV components.

Here’s a nice example – I like the fact that’s it’s rounded and the ridges on the edge:
corner shelf for cable box
Corner shelf for cable box pictured: Corner Shelf Size: 10″ Radius x 0.63″ H, Finish: Espresso by Woodland Home Decor

A couple of things to consider before you get a shelf: Make sure the shelf will be wide enough to accommodate the cable box. The thing about corner shelves is that they get narrower at the back, so a shelf that may look big enough at the front to accommodate a component, may not be wide enough at the back. In other words the shelf may be triangle shaped, but the cable box is not.
Another thing to consider is that you will be dealing with wires: a chord that plugs into the wall, and the wire (or wires) that will connect to the TV. For this reason it will be likely that you will need a shelf that leaves a bit of space for these cables to run down the wall. If your shelf comes to a pointed corner, there will be no way to run the wires at the back. You can always saw off a little bit of the corner if the shelf is made of wood.

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