Damask roman shade

Roman shades are perhaps the simplest form of shade, but they can also be the most attractive. One advantage they have going for them is that they are relatively flat when lowered, compared to some other types of shades. This means that they are ideal for patterned fabrics, since the patterns can be uninterrupted by folds or slats for the entire length of the shade. They look great when the pattern matches that of a bedspread or rug, too.

Here are two examples – I prefer the black and white ones on the left:
damask roman shade
Damask roman shades pictured:
Left: Back in Stock Traditions Black and White Damask Roman Shade with blackout Lining by Quality Roman Shades
Right: Brown and Linen Damask Roman Shade by Kona Lily Isle

Damask patterns have a great advantage when it comes to decor: they have a traditional, ornate look, but they somehow manage to fit extremely well in a modern decor.

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