Dark green bed sheets

Dark green is a color that goes very well with earth tones. So if your bedroom already has beiges, browns, dark oranges and dark reds, dark green sheets should fit in to the color scheme nicely. It is a color that is neither masculine or feminine, so it is perfect for a couple’s bedroom. It can add color to a room without calling too much attention to itself, and so you can use it for many of your decorative furnishings, such as bed sets, as well as curtains, rugs or cushions.

I like the very subtle, hardly visible stripes on this set:
dark green bed sheets
Dark green bed sheets pictured: Embossed Dobby Queen-sized Stripe Sheet Set- Dark Green by Plazatex

If you are opting for bed linen, it would be wise to get the bedspread and sheets in the same packaged set. That way the green shade of the sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover should match perfectly. Of course, sheets are not the only way to inject some green into a bedroom.

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