Dark green bedspread

Why choose a dark green comforter, bedspread or duvet cover as part of your bedding collection? Dark green is a color that can work equally well in a man’s or a woman’s room. So if you want to keep your room from being overly masculine or feminine, it may be a good color compromise. Dark green tends to go well with other dark colors, like dark brown and dark orange, but it can also work very well with white. Always follow the manufacturer’s washing and drying instructions so that your bedspread is more likely to keep its color without fading.

I like this one – kind of masculine, but not too much:
dark green bedspread
Dark green bedspread pictured: 3 Pieces Reversible Down Alternative Comforter Set, with Anti-Microbial finish, Hunter Green, Sage, Bed Cover KING Size 102″x90″ Bedding by Cozy Beddings

Because it is the color of grass, trees and plants, we associate green with nature and summer. But a dark green fits in nicely in the spectrum of autumn colors as well. Dark orange, rust, brown and certain shades of red are all part of the autumn palette, and they all go well together. If the walls or the carpeting of your bedroom are dark green, you may be temped to get the same shade for your bedding, including your bedspread.

A thinner example – this wouldn’t keep me warm in winter, though:
Dark green bedspread - B
Dark green bedspread pictured: Chesapeake Merchandising 100-Percent Cotton Ribcord Bed Spread, Dark Green Queen

If you want to have the color of your bedspread match your sheets perfectly, then it would be wise to get it as part of a bedding set, or a “bed in a bag”. Otherwise, a small difference in the shade or in the “warmth” of the color could, in certain cases, look a little odd. If you can’t match the color well enough, you may as well go with a complimentary color for the sheets. Beige, for example, would make a good match for dark green.

This example is a bit more feminine, I think:
Dark green bedspread - c
Reversible Solid Color Comforter, Hunter Reversing to Sage Green by Madison Ind.

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