Decorative glass bottles with corks

Once in a while, you come across a product that is sold in a bottle so attractive, that you keep it as a decorative item once the bottle is empty. It can be placed on a window sill, so that sunlight can shine through it (this is especially attractive when using colored bottles), or it can be refilled and used in both a decorative and practical manner. Some even use them in “bottle trees”.

You gotta love these examples – I know I do:
decorative glass bottles with corks
Decorative glass bottles with corks pictured:
1- Small Red Vintage Glass Bottle (Ms. B design) by Luna Bazaar
2- 9 3/4″ Tall Cobalt Blue Rectangle Recycled Glass Bottle 13oz by My Eco Glass
3- 11 3/4″ Decorative Recycled Glass Ornate Bottle 23.7oz by My Eco Glass
4- Small Chartreuse Green Vintage Glass Bottle (square design) by Luna Bazaar

These types of colored, nicely shaped bottles can also be bought empty, giving you a greater choice of shapes and colors than bottled products would. Be careful when ordering on line: check the bottle’s dimensions carefully. Some bottle may be much smaller than they appear in a photograph.

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