Deer onesies

Onesies for adults and for kids have been making a comeback lately, and they are now available not only in all sorts of colors and patterns, but in the shapes of animals as well. Some are made to resemble reindeer, and of course they are meant to be worn around Christmas time. Others simply look like ordinary deer, which makes them more appropriate to wear all winter long. Some are footed, while others are not. Some button up, while others zip up.

Four examples I found, all pretty goofy-looking. Not really my thing:
deer onesies
Deer onesies pictured:
1- Sweet Holic Unisex Kigurumi Costume Deer Animal Pajama
2- Octave Boys Brown Reindeer Animal Hooded Onesie Loungewear/Nightwear All In One, brown
3- Dress Like Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Onesie Pajama for women
4- DAYAN Pajamas Anime Costume Adult Animal Onesie Sika Deer Cosplay

Of course these are fanciful, cute and funny. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t comfortable.

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