Dressy silver flip flops

You may think of flip flops as strictly casual, but when it comes to certain new models, this is no longer the case. Yes, flip flops can be dressy, thanks to new models that are as fabulous as they are comfortable. Colors like silver and gold, and “blingy” touches like rhinestones take the simple flip flop to a whole other level. They are fun to wear with casual everyday shorts, but still totally appropriate with more dressed-up outfits. A great way to feel a bit more dressed up without wearing heels.

Here’s one of my favorite models – although the heel makes it a sandal rather than a flip-flop, I guess:
dressy silver flip flops
Dressy silver flip flops pictured: Jones Woven Sparkle Strap Sandals By L&C. Thong Flip Flops in Black, White, Brown, Gold, Silver, Pink

After dancing in your high heels for hours, your feet may be in need of immediate relief. A pair of dressy flip flops stashed in you purse can provide that relief, while still looking good. Perfect for wedding receptions: after standing in uncomfortable shoes at the ceremony, it’s good to party in comfortable footwear. They are also perfect to slip into after a night at the club, dancing in heels.

Here’s a model I think would qualify as a flip-flop, even though it has a thick heel:
Dressy silver flip flops - b
Dressy silver flip flops pictured: Isotoner -ESNY Wedge Thong Wedding Sandals with Rock Candy

What makes sandals dressy is that they are blingged-out. The straps may have a metallic sheen to them, or even be decorated with rhinestones. It is the kind of decoration that could be too much on certain shoes, but when it comes to flip flops, there really is a need to go a bit over the top in order to make up for the fact that this is footwear made of rubber. The result is surprisingly cool and attractive, and since we’re dealing with a very small area, it is not overbearing.

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