Dyeable Flower Girl Shoes

Special occasion shoes for children are likely to be worn only once or twice. But it may be possible to change this by buying shoes that can be dyed. That way, during the wedding or communion, the shoes are in their original white color, but they can get a new life when the special occasion is over. Just dye the shoes a different color. One that is likely to go well with most of your girl’s outfits.

I picked these as very basic examples:
dyeable flower girl shoes
Dyeable flower girl shoes pictured:
Left: Touch Ups Little Kid/Big Kid Kayla Dyeable Dress Shoe, white
Right: Miss Coloriffics Jessie Dress Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid), white satin

Of course, kids grow up fast, and go through clothes and shoes just as fast. That is why you may not want to buy them too many pairs of shoes, sandals and/or sneakers at once. Usually, kids’ formal shoes don’t get much use at all, so anything that can make the shoe more versatile is a plus. The fact that you can dye the shoe could means it can be used more than a few times, but if that is your intention, keep in mind the style of the shoe as well.

These are more ornate, and quite nice, I think:
Dyeable flower girl shoes - B
Dyeable flower girl shoes pictured above:
Left: Coloriffics Miranda T-Strap Sandal (Little Kid/Big Kid)
Right: Touch Ups Toddler/Little Kid Rosie Dyeable Dress Shoe, white

If your little girl is going to be a flower girl at a wedding, she can wear the shoes as they are (white), or you could dye them to match her dress and the color theme of the wedding. Of course when dying anything, you can never be quite sure of what the results will be. We are usually told to test the dye in a hidden area, but on a shoe such a spot simply doesn’t exist, except perhaps if the shoe has a decoration such as a bow or a flower. You could test the dye on a small spot under the decoration. It is not always essential though that the color of the shoes match the dress perfectly. You could even forget about matching altogether and opt for a complementary color. Whatever color you decide on, make sure you dye the shoes well enough in advance so that they are completely dry.

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