Empty glass wine bottles

Why buy empty wine bottles? Surely one could just hold on to their own empties, right? Well, if you don’t drink wine, but need the bottles for decorative purposes, like for a bottle tree, you may need to purchase some. Also, you may want a bottle of a particular color. Another reason is if you make your own wine, you simply may not have enough of your own empties to use. Either way, you can buy them brand new, in a wide variety of colors.

Here’s four I found – I like the blue one:
empty glass wine bottles
Empty glass wine bottles pictured:
1- 750 ml CG Burgundy. Punt, Cork Finish – Case/12 by Brewcraft
2- 750 ml Clear Glass Claret/Bordeaux Bottles, 12 per case by Midwest Homebrewing Supplies
3- Wine Bottles, Cork Finish by E.C. Kraus
4- Green Wine Bottles (750ml Bordeaux) Case of 12 Bottles by Strange Brew

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