Faux leather bolero

A bolero jacket can look great when used with a variety of different looks. It can be worn just as stylishly over a simple T-shirt or with an elegant dress. When wearing something strapless, it can keep your shoulders warm outdoors or in, so it does have a practical use. But it can also be worn strictly for aesthetic reasons – as a chic addition to your outfit. The leather look can compliment casual jeans, but it can also lend a rough edge to an elegant dress.
I like this one, but I don’t like how wrinkly it is in the back:
faux leather bolero
Faux leather bolero pictured:
Fashion Victim, Ladies Long Sleeve Faux Leather Bolero Jacket, Shrug, black

Faux leather can be a bit of a gamble: it may last a long time, or it may crack and start to peel away after only a few years. There are different methods of making it, and some are apparently better than others. There are some products out there that are made to “condition” faux leather, supposedly making it more supple and longer lasting, but personally, I have not had any luck with them. In the end, the decision as to what to buy will depend on your budget, and how important the garment is to you.

Three more that I think look great:
Faux leather bolero - b
1-New Look Cropped Soft Faux Leather Blazer, black
2-Balingi faux leather biker jacket cropped for women BA10595
3-CASPAR Fashion CASPAR Ladies Short Faux Leather Bolero Jacket / Biker Jacket – Black – JCK007

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