Floating shelf for cable box

Thanks to the fact that LCD and LED TV’s are thin and light, we now no longer need a stand for our television sets. We can now mount them directly to the wall fairly easily, and this has the added bonus of clearing up floor space. However this convenience also poses a problem: Where to put the DVD player, game console and cable box. The answer may be a single shelf that can be mounted on the wall, below, over or next to the TV.

I like this one – very basic and sleek – not too noticeable:
floating shelf for cable box
Floating shelf for cable box pictured: Master Mounts Glass Entertainment Shelves for Home Electronic Components, DVD Player, Cable Boxes, Game Consoles, set of 2 shelves

There is no doubt that LCD, plasma and LED TV’s look great when mounted on a wall, rather than sitting on a shelf. There is an often overlooked advantage to shelves and bookcases though: they are great for hiding wires. One thing you’ll notice about advertisements for flat screens: they never show the multiple wires running down and across to components and speakers. With all the components that can be hooked up to the back and side of the set, these wires really add up, and they look kind of bad hanging out of your components. So if you are in the market for a floating shelf, you may also want to get yourself a cord cover kit. These screw onto your wall and cover your wires, so that everything looks much neater.

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