Freestanding kitchen pantry

There was a time when it was common to have a built-in pantry in almost any kitchen, but those days are long gone. Many houses now have small kitchens that do not include pantries, and so if you want the convenience of extra storage, you will have to get yourself a freestanding cabinet. These are available in a variety of styles, ranging from antique-looking to simple and modern, and of course, you can choose from many colors and finishes.

Two versions by the same company – a classic look I like very much:
freestanding kitchen pantry
Freestanding kitchen pantries pictured:
Left: Home Styles Arts & Crafts Kitchen Pantry – Cottage Oak
Right: Home Styles Americana White Pantry

If you go for a white pantry, expect the shelves to get marked up from cans being slid on and off them. A quick and easy way to prevent this is to line the shelves with paper. Although just about any type of paper will do, some paper is sold as being made especially for lining shelves. Darker shelves are less likely to show these kinds of scratches. But darker furniture, especially when it is a large piece, can be imposing.

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