G-string underwear for men

If you’re a man who wants to show off your assets – if you want to bare as much skin as possible while still wearing something – then boxers just won’t do, and neither will briefs. They cover up too much. G-string underwear may be what you’re looking for. As with the G strings made for women, the models for men are designed to use as little fabric as possible, while still covering up the essentials.
The man’s version of the G-string has more fabric in the front. In fact, it ends up being sort of like a pouch. The rest, though, is just like any G-string: Just two strips of fabric: one around the waist, and the other connecting the front piece to the back of the waist. So why would the average guy wear a G-string? Well, if you wear tights pants – the kind that show off your butt very well – this type of underwear can help your pants be as form-fitting as possible, hopefully without any underwear lines showing through. Another reason may be that for some men, they just fell more comfortable. In fact, they are as close as you can get to wearing no underwear at all, which, of course, is an option too. The third reason is the simplest: you wear them to look and feel sexy.

An example – I do like the color:
G-string underwear for men - b
Mens G-string underwear pictured: ReFaXi Fashion Sexy Red Men’s G-String T-Back Thong Briefs Comfortable Underwear Hot

You may find that the pouch is quite comfortable. The string running up the back however is something you may have to get used to.

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